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Continuing Legal Education
2016 Civility
2016 Civility


Presented by the ISBA Bench & Bar Section


Don’t miss this interactive discussion on the issues
challenging the legal profession in 2016!

Litigators will all levels of practice experience won’t want to miss this seminar that explores the desires and expectations of the Illinois courts, the ethical challenges that plague the profession, and the tools for dealing with these challenges. 


Program Coordinator:
Hon. Michael J. Chmiel
, Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit, Woodstock
Hon. Andrea M. Schleifer, Circuit Court of Cook County, Chicago


Program Moderator:
Hon. Jeanne M. Reynolds
, Circuit Court of Cook County, Skokie


Program Speakers:
Hon. Lloyd A. Karmeier, Supreme Court of Illinois, Nashville
Jerome E. Larkin, Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, Chicago
Robin M. Belleau, Lawyers’ Assistance Program, Chicago
Umberto S. Davi, President, Illinois State Bar Association, Western Springs

Attorney Education in Child Custody and Visitation Matters
Attorney Education in Child Custody and Visitation Matters

Presented by the ISBA Bench & Bar Section, ISBA Child Law Section, and ISBA Family Law Section

This two-day program is designed to help those attorneys who represent children. Under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 906(c)*, attorneys should receive ten hours of education every two years in child development; roles of guardians ad litem and child representatives; ethics in child custody cases; relevant substantive state, federal, and case law in custody and visitation matters; and family dynamics, including substance abuse, domestic abuse, and mental health issues. Topics for this seminar include: legislative and case law updates; statues and rules; issues in protecting children; child development and how the parents' behavior impacts the child; parental custody rights; scheduling parenting time; removing children from the home; mediation disputes;  jurisdiction issues; orders of protection; structuring visitations; settlement conferences; and evaluations. The roles of attorney, child representative and guardian ad litem are also discussed. The seminar includes presentations by members of the judiciary and experienced practitioners, along with two panel discussions and ample opportunity for discussion.


Program Coordinator:
Hon. Michael J. Chmiel
, Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit, Woodstock

Program Moderator:
Barry H. Greenburg, Attorney at Law, Chicago

Solo Small Firm Tech and Practice Management 15 Hour Package
Solo Small Firm Tech and Practice Management 15 Hour Package

Participants will better understand how to start a law firm and operate it efficiently, profitably, and ethically.  Topics include the importance of technological competency and the ethical rules surrounding its use; ethical and effective marketing strategies including the use of social media; the need to protect a law firm from security threats; the advantages of a “paperless” office and how to achieve it; how to deal with difficult people including judges, other lawyers and clients; managing client expectations and client confidentiality; how to terminate a problem client; how to incorporate crisis planning and transition into a practice; how to manage the financial side of a law firm including trust accounts, office expenses, accounts receivable and accounts payable; issues surrounding hiring and firing; best practices for law practice management; how to lower stress and enjoy both professional and personal success; a review of grievances against other attorneys and how to avoid complaints; and more.  Discussion will also include a review of the applicable Illinois Supreme Court Rules of Professional Conduct. 


Please Note: This program qualifies for 15 hours of MCLE credit, which is based on total program runtime and not individual topic credit. The total runtime breakdown is as follows:

  • Ethics: Legal Competence Requires Tech Competence – 29 minutes
  • Technology and the Rules – 1 hour, 11 minutes
  • Crisis Planning and Transition: Maintaining Your Practice – 45 minutes
  • Using Technology and Social Media for Effective and Ethical Advertising – 48 minutes
  • Everything Financial: Managing Trust Accounts, Office Expenses, Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable – 56 minutes
  • Security in Your Practice: Mobile Devices, Firewalls, using the Cloud – 1 hour
  • Client Development: Strategies to Get and Retain Clients – 45 minutes
  • Accounting: How to Start Your Firm and Maintain It – 59 minutes
  • Human Resources 101 for Your Law Firm – 41 minutes
  • Going Paperless in Your Practice – Tips and Tools – 43 minutes
  • Tips for the Busy Lawyer on Growing Your Practice – 1 hour, 1 minute
  • Social Media: Promoting and Protecting Your Practice – 43 minutes
  • Developing Your Practice for the Future – 1 hour, 4 minutes
  • Dealing with Difficult People – 1 hour, 1 minute
  • Law Practice Management: How to Be the Lawyer Your Mother Tells Everyone You Are – 58 minutes
  • Nine Ways to Practice Smarter, Not Harder – 1 hour, 4 minutes
  • Top Causes for Grievances against Lawyers and How to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes – 53 minutes